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Passion Japan invites you to take a stroll through a Japan rich in its age-old traditions.

Immerse yourself in a rich journey that sweeps the Japanese archipelago into every nook and cranny.

In probably no other country is the past so present in everyday life: Passion Japon makes you discover the everyday tradition, Japan from yesterday to today.

Through the presentation of numerous original objects and decorations – from the Zen garden to the traditional house, including the lively alleys lined with yatai (famous traveling stalls) – you have the opportunity to discover many everyday themes where all these incursions from the past erupt: religions, martial arts, gastronomy but also performing arts, music and even manga.
The visit to the exhibition ends with two essential spaces allowing you to find yourself in the heart of contemporary Japan: karaoke and arcade games. 

An exciting journey into the land of the Rising Sun to discover its multiple facets.

The exhibition route

Throughout the visit, discover a country that never ceases to fascinate, whose culture mixes tradition and modernity. The route brings together the major themes of Japan and its history.

• A stroll to discover Japanese landscapes
Dive into the Japanese universe and its characteristic landscapes, thanks to a reconstruction of iconic symbols of Japan. Travel through a Zen garden, a temple, a Japanese alley, a busy street in the heart of Tokyo, a capsule hotel or on the way to Torii to meet of Buddha.

• An immersion in Japanese art
From textile art to furniture, including origami, tableware, tattoos, or the seventh Japanese art, the exhibition highlights the artistic riches of this mythical archipelago, notably thanks to national loans and International.

• A passage through the history of the country and its traditions 
Discovering Japan of yesterday and today, between tea ceremonies, geisha, gastronomy, capsule hotels but also the country's religions and the evolution of its literature, all the aspects that fascinate us will be addressed during the course.

• A timeless moment in unusual Japan
The essential Japanese pop culture with its mangas, cosplays and video games is also in the spotlight with Passion Japon. The objective: provoke in the visitor the same astonishment as that of the tourist when he sets foot on Japanese soil for the first time.

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