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Take advantage this summer of a calendar of workshops on Japanese arts, led by teachers and artists. We invite you to discover or delve deeper into traditional Japanese practices, some popular, others less so, but each as fascinating as the next.

Choose the workshop that makes you dream! There is something for every taste.


©Ohara Lyon

Follow the way of flowers, this is what this Ikebana workshop offers you. 

With theOhara school, founded in the 28th year of the Meiji era (1895) and specialized in Japanese floral art, discover a practice that is more than 600 years old and which invites us to connect with heaven and earth, to focus on quality rather than quantity. The Ohara school reminds us that as a foundation of Japanese culture, the ode to the four seasons is found in these refined and unique floral arrangements.

Au Programs general presentation of Ikebana, demonstration, then creation of the composition by the participants and finally corrections.

Everything is provided in the workshop and you can leave with your creation. So, ready to create your ikebana ?


  • Dates & times: Thursday June 20 from 14:30 p.m. to 16:30 p.m.
    NEW SLOT: 16:30 p.m. to 18:30 p.m.
  • Duration 2h00
  • Price : 30 € per person
    Visit to the exhibition not included. You can complete your workshop with a visit to the exhibition by purchasing a ticket on site at the advantageous rate of €12,90.
  • Booking compulsory. Please note, limited number of places!


© Barbara Dauwe, non-profit association l’Arbre à Plumes

Kamishibai designates a kind of traditional story from Japan.

In collaboration with the association The Feather Tree, pose as a spectator of a story told for you. Admire the illustrations that parade in a castelet (called apartments) as the storyteller takes you on a journey to a Japan full of poetry.

Au Programs : show, animation and question-and-answer with the storyteller. Embark on a timeless story!


  • Dates & times: 
    • Tuesday June 25, from 14 p.m. to 14:40 p.m.
    • Tuesday June 25, from 16 p.m. to 16:40 p.m.
    • Wednesday June 26: from 11 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.
    • Wednesday June 26: from 14 a.m. to 14:40 a.m.
    • Wednesday June 26: from 16 a.m. to 16:40 a.m.
  • Duration : 40 minutes of show + short time to share with the storyteller
  • Accessibility : from 4 years old
  • Price : 7 € per person
    Visit to the exhibition not included. You can complete your workshop with a visit to the exhibition by purchasing a ticket on site at the usual prices.
  • Booking compulsory. Please note, limited number of places!


The practice of Kintsugi consists of glue broken objects back together with gold powder.

An ancestral Japanese technique, Kintsugi (literally “golden joint”) is a true symbol of resilience. This very popular practice invites us to accept flaws, scars and even to honor and highlight them in an artistic practice. careful. 

In collaboration with the association The Feather Tree, discover this fascinating art during a conference and/or workshop.

Au conference program : learn how the history of Japan and the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi laid the foundations of this ancestral technique; discover the process and steps of repairing a part using the traditional Maki-e technique; attend the placing of 24K gold live and ask all your questions on the subject. 


  • Dates & times: Tuesday June 25 from 18:30 p.m. to 20:30 p.m.
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Price : 27 € per person
    Visit to the exhibition possible before the conference. 
  • Booking compulsory. Please note, limited number of places!

Au workshop program : learn the basics of preparing ceramics, making the assembly, repairing your object and sublimating it with gold or silver. So that the learning is authentic and as close as possible to ancestral Japanese practice, you will use traditional tools and materials from Japan.


  • Dates & times: Thursday June 27 from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.
  • Duration : 8 hours with a lunch break (meals not included)
  • Accessibility : from 16 years old
  • Price : 300 € per person
    Visit to the exhibition included in the price.
  • Booking compulsory. Please note, limited number of places!


Ticketing for workshop registrations only.
Events here to book your individual visit, here for your group visit and here for your school visit.

Free (directly on site) : ICOM/ICOMOS card (upon presentation of proof); press (only accredited press) Other discounts (directly on site) : GL Events employees.



Folding paper is art! This is what origami teaches us, straight from China and imported to Japan throughout history. An offering to the gods, a work of art or a purely utilitarian creation, origami is a technique which spread in Europe in the 18th century and which continues to please both adults and children. Discover in this fun workshop how to create with paper and impress those around you. 

Au Programs : /


  • Dates & times: on / from X to X hours
  • Duration : /
  • Price : €X per person
  • Booking via online ticketing, section Tickets.
     Please note, limited number of places!

Events to come

Past events


An exhibition that has dogs…
Discover during the course why and how Erwitt joined forces with four-legged models in his photography, becoming for him true companions on the road and in life. 
We find them in all facets of his work: snapshot, staged for commissioned work, black and white, color... We see those who shared his daily life, Samy and Canello, but also strangers encountered along the way. 'a sidewalk and professionals paid for the service.

To admire the canine photos and all of the artist's works, we invite you to bring your dog to the exhibition. 


Elliott Erwitt, San Francisco, USA, 1979 | © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Evening in tribute to the great photographer

La Sucrière, Tempora and Magnum Photos France were saddened to learn of the sudden disappearance of photographer Elliott Erwitt at the age of 95 years. 
All our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

We invite you to pay tribute to him during a free evening for all on Thursday, December 7 from 17:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m.